play cafes in Guildford for 16m old

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hobbeschild Thu 21-Aug-14 20:01:23

Is there anywhere in Guildford town centre to eat and play that is suitable for under 2s?

I have read that the Playworld in The Friary is for 2-5 year olds. Has anyone found it is suitable for under 2s?

Many thanks.

suitcaseofdreams Tue 26-Aug-14 16:10:49

Hi there,

The 'Playworld' in The Friary is very small - it's not really a soft play, just a few mats and bits n bobs in the middle of the shopping centre. You can't actually eat in there, although it is near to Costa and right next to the Muffin Shop - so you could eat first, then play or vice versa.

Can get very crowded in there as it's just a small area. Would be fine for under 2s as long as you supervise (as the older kids will be bouncing around all over the place!)
In fact I'd say it's best for 18mths - 2.5 yrs. My boys are 3.5yrs now and it barely holds their attention for more than about 10 mins....can't see a 5 yr old lasting long in there :-)

It's really the only option for eating/playing in the town centre I think


hobbeschild Fri 29-Aug-14 10:38:32

Thanks for the info x

Bekabeech Mon 01-Sep-14 13:51:01

Some of the coffee shops have toys/books and can be fine during the quieter times (Costa near Boots and H and H, are the two I can think of).

kingstoncherry Mon 08-Sep-14 12:23:48

Hello, would any of these work for you?

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