Looking for Swedish families in Woking/Guildford or nearby Surrey areas

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lottik Wed 20-Aug-14 12:50:46


We have just moved to Woking from SW London and are very happy with our move. We are a Swedish/English family with bi-lingual kids (ages 5,8 & 10) and I am looking for other families in the area for meet ups and for the kids to maintain the language. Anyone interested? Hör gärna av er!

Evalina Wed 20-Aug-14 12:57:47


There's a Swedish School - Sunday mornings in Godalming - more info

www.svenskaskolanisurrey.co.uk/www.svenskaskolanisurrey.co.uk/WELCOME.html English version.

lottik Wed 20-Aug-14 14:02:49

Thanks Evalina. I will get in touch with them to see if I can find some families through it. But if anyone wants to get in touch directly - please do!

Evalina Wed 20-Aug-14 17:51:59

I think there's quite a big Swedish community around due to Ericsson having an office in Guildford - so am sure you will find some soon (am not Swedish myself, but do have a friend whose son goes to the Swedish school..)

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