Outstanding state primary or Downsend Leatherhead

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coxyloxy123 Sun 17-Aug-14 18:08:40


I am driving myself mad with a dilemma and was wondering if anyone had any current experiences of Downsend school in Leatherhead which would hopefully help me make my mind up.

I currently have DS going into y2 at a lovely outstanding primary- amazing SAT level 2 results (it is one of the top state primaries in Surrey).

My DH and I are in the foruntate position of being able to afford private school fees and are both privately educated ourselves and are thinking of sending him to Downsend in Leatherhead.

The perceived benefits are better sports facilities (he is v sporty), smaller class sizes, better education (although this is highly questionable and is just a presumption).

The disadvantages of current school is spending money on a first class education that he is already receiving, leaving a school in the local community where he is really really happy and has made loads of friends, and regretting decision later down the line but once we leave there is no turning back.

His latest school report wasn't great - said he is easily distracted and had displayed a sloppy attitude to his work (even though he is very bright). I'm wondering if smaller class sizes would be better for him (15 versus 30)

Does anyone have any kids at Downsend? We really liked the new head when we met him recently - we just can't decide what to do!

Many thanks for any pearls of wisdom

kingstoncherry Mon 08-Sep-14 21:56:26

Hello, we've shared your post on our FB page:


due to be broadcast during the evening 10/9

Hopefully you'll see some feedback shortly

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