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rozza79 Fri 15-Aug-14 17:01:33

Hi there, I am hoping to find someone with first hand experience of St Mary's School, Chiddingfold. We have just bought a house here and I was disappointed to read the news and Ofsted reports deeming the school Inadequate in 2012. I know there is a new head there and was wondering if someone perhaps knows how the school is getting on more recently, I plan to visit the school also but to get some feedback would be great. I was looking at some prep schools in the area initially but it looked so lovely and so convenient I thought I would consider it also, but not if its still not doing well etc.
Roz ;))

kingstoncherry Mon 08-Sep-14 22:20:32

Hello, we've shared your post on our FB page:

due to be broadcast during the evening 10/9

Hopefully you'll see some feedback shortly

Local Editor

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