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se90170 Tue 22-Jul-14 07:25:10


We are currently thinking of relocating further out from london and interested in Brookwood/Pirbright area. Can anyone advise on the area? What are the schools like, how is the commute into London, are you likely to get a parking space at the station/seat on the train?

Many thanks

00roversreturn00 Tue 04-Nov-14 08:29:16

Hi there,

We did the same thing 2 years ago, moved from Richmond to Pirbright. Pirbright is a beautiful little village, loads of countryside, excellent pub! Glad we made the move especially now we have a baby.

The village is very friendly, it's got a primary school which I hear is very good and 2 nurseries. There is a really good butchers in the village, I did miss not having any other coffee shops etc walking distance from the house after living in Richmond but that is probably my only negative. There's a huge sainsburys near Brookwood and a Waitrose about 10 mins away.

You can walk to Brookwood station from Pirbright, the quickest route is through the military graveyard. Takes about 10/15 minutes. There are 4 trains an hour (I think!) into Waterloo which take about 35 minutes peak time, 45 minutes out of peak time and weekends. I used to travel in at about 7.45, you can't always get a seat it was about 50/50 each day if you would or not! Most people get on at Woking so you have more chance than they do!

The station has a large car park, majority is for season ticket holders - approx £100 a month. You need to get there quite early to park as it does get busy. If you have a night out in London you can get the late train back to Woking which run all the time and then a cab from there to Pirbright which is usually about £12.

Hope that helps x

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