Epsom nurseries - advice please

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cazzabazza Tue 15-Jul-14 21:12:43

We're moving to Epsom soon and looking at nurseries for our two children. Wondering if anyone has any advice on which ones are good, and which ones to avoid. We'll be moving to the area between Stamford Green and Southfield Park primary schools.

So far we've looked at Cherry Fields, Little Hands Epsom Common, and Epsom Playhouse Preschool. Ideally we would like a day nursery as I work full days. Any thoughts on the ones I've mentioned, or any other good ones to look at?

Spiri Wed 27-Aug-14 14:38:46

My 2 year old son was at Treetops in Epsom for a year and has recently left to go to a local preschool. He loved it there, the staff were friendly and efficient. He often talked about the staff/his friends from nursery and was sorry to leave. It Ofsted rating is outstanding and it's recently been refurbished, but I think the waiting list for a full time place is about a year. It's not the closest one to you but is very central, especially if you need to use the train to get to work.

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