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rozza79 Sat 05-Jul-14 15:27:12

HI I would be terribly grateful if anyone has any inside info on Godalming villages, we live in the middle east but are buying a house around there, we will be bringing our two kids (6 and 5yrs) back to live there over the next year or so. I am looking at Bramley, Compton, Witley, Brook etc and am really clueless as to which areas are the nicer and not so nice. we need to be close ish to a station into London. For example farncombe, but is Farncombe itself nice? iam looking for green/semi rural but not too far from Godalming or shops in village etc.
thanks ;)

hellosurrey Sun 06-Jul-14 21:53:58

I moved down to Godalming area 6 years ago with no knowledge of the area at all so do understand that it can be very daunting and, like you, wanted to be in a nice semi-rural area. Nice villages to look at which are very close to Godalming are Puttenham, Shackleford, Hambledon, Witley (but be careful of the Petworth Road which hurtles through the middle of it - better to be up near the church or one of the private roads that run off the main road), Bramley, Compton (again there is a busy road running straight through the middle of it so best to look at roads running off the main road). Chiddingfold, Hascombe and Thursley are also lovely but a little further out. Farncombe is not a village - more of a suburb of Godalming. People can be snobby about it as it has it's share of problems but many families enjoy living there - and you do get more for your money. The areas that are considered nicer in Godalming itself are Busbridge, Charterhouse area and Hurtmore. Hope this helps!

rozza79 Mon 07-Jul-14 09:00:17

Hi thanks so much for the info. It's Incredibly helpful for narrowing the search. Trying to research from the middle east is tricky! Thank you

hellosurrey Mon 07-Jul-14 11:23:09

Glad it was useful. Hope you don't mind me mentioning this but I do run a property search company for people just like you - check out our website at www.propertypotentialsurrey.co.uk if you get a sec. We are very affordable and do all the leg work for you!

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