Moving to Burpham - good for A3? and Primary schools?

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Judez99 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:41:49

Hello, I've also posted on the Education page as well but thought I might give it a go here too. We're currently living on the edge of Onslow Village and need to move as our landlord is selling up. DS is in nursery at Caring Daycare over by the Royal Surrey so I don't really want to have to move him, especially as we only moved to Guildford last August so he's already moved from one nursery in London. We both need to commute down the A3 (southbound) so are looking for a house, to rent, not too far from the A3 but also within the catchment of a primary school as DS starts Sept 2015. There's not much to rent in our area at the moment, as Onslow Infants would be perfect, but I've seen a few houses online in Burpham and wondered a) what the commute would be like southbound on the A3 from there - as it looks like you'd have to drive through town (ladymead etc) which I imagine would be a nightmare at rush hour, and also what the catchment for schools such as Burpham Foundation/Boxgrove primary is like? I imagine pretty limited?

Any advice would be much appreciated! TIA.

kingstoncherry Tue 22-Jul-14 21:50:38

Hello, apologies for not being in touch sooner.

We are sharing your post on our Facebook page ( tomorrow evening, so hoping you will receive feedback shortly.

Thank you for posting

Local Editor

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