Childminders Claygate- is there a market for them?

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gemlouise123 Sun 18-May-14 10:29:17

Hello. I just want to put the feelers out to we if there is a demand for childminders in Claygate before I take the risk of setting up alone. I have been a secondary school English teacher for 7 years, most recently specialising in pupils with special and behavioural needs. I will be Ofsted registered and will have completed the Surrey childminding course. My house is large and about 2 minutes from Claygate station. I would only have 2 children full time and possibly one after school child. The children would have their own nurseries to sleep in, for parent reassurance (and so you can check on your little on during the day!) I will have wifi cameras throughout the house. Our day will consist of a structured curriculum of play, literacy and numeracy, forest schools, swimming, arts and crafts, cooking and music. We will attend a daily child group for interaction with other children. I am happy to be flexible around working mums; full or part time and I will take children from 7am-7pm. I will provide food and will publish a menu a week in advance so that you can pick your little ones meals. Your child will leave me each day with a log book documenting their day (what has been eaten, toilet pattern, activities undertaken and general observations) and you will have a daily email of photos and videos. I plan to charge £7 ph to include all food and activities but not nappies and milk. Any suggestions or comments welcomed regarding what you want from a childminder and if you think there is market for one in the area. Thanks

massagegirl Wed 09-Jul-14 13:35:27

There's definitely a market for them. It's really hard to fine one in Claygate. I was really lucky but friends had to use nurseries as no childminders had vacancies.

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