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Worc1361w Fri 16-May-14 12:10:12

Planning to move to Woking area and considering the following schools:

1) holy trinity, west end
2) goldsworth primary
3) st hugh of Lincoln, knaphill
4) st dunstan

Assuming we meet all criteria on catchment and church going, which school is the best and how will I tell the difference? I have a active boy aged 2.5, and really struggling to know which school is best for him.

Also English is not his first language. We speak Chinese at home but he speaks English with the childminder.

Thank you

kingstoncherry Wed 11-Jun-14 23:45:27

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fairgroundsnack Mon 23-Jun-14 10:51:59

Hello! Goldsworth and St Dunstan's both have excellent reputations locally. I know several people with children at Goldsworth and they are very happy.

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