Thinking of moving to Ewell

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Kat2014 Fri 09-May-14 10:18:17


We're thinking about moving to Ewell to be closer to hubby's work & have heard good things about schools (my son would be due to start sept 2015).

Just wondered if anyone had a local knowledge they can share?

- What are the local leisure facilities like? Currently my son does teddy tennis (at nursery), little kickers & Aquatots so I'd like to continue as much as possible.

- what are the local parks like?

- are there any areas to avoid that are not so nice to live/ in not so good catchment areas?

- my journey to work would be via the m25. What is the traffic like in rush hour getting to the motorway? (I need to get to heathrow)


kingstoncherry Wed 14-May-14 18:47:15

Hello, we're sharing your post along with others relating to moving within the next couple of days on Facebook:

Hopefully you'll see feedback soon

Local Editor

Felybee Wed 25-Jun-14 22:34:48


I havent checked the date of your message, but I live in Ewell on the Kingston road. I must say the Kingston road heading towards the A3 gets really busy in the morning. My journey to Surbiton which normally takes 10min in total takes me 20 to 25min. (I am near the co-op if this helps to get an idea)


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