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30Jen Sun 30-Mar-14 18:30:44

I wonder if anyone was able to give me advice on Dorking, it s not an area I am familiar with but we are looking at houses this week, ( moving from twickenham) mainly in the Chart Downs area? Is this family friendly? Close to schools ?
Or any areas that would be highly recommended or avoided?
Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you

dorkingmum2 Thu 03-Apr-14 13:28:20


Dorking's a lovely place to live, very friendly, historic and ideally placed for the south coast and for trains to London. Also beautiful countryside right here on your doorstep. The town centre has a mix of high st names but lots of small independents that keep it different. I've been here 8 years and was told that once people move here, they tend to stay for good! It seems to be true - not many houses on the market at any given time and steady demand. A very family-friendly town with a good sports centre, tennis club, small cinema/theatre etc. Lots of great routes for cycling and riding.

Trains and buses are good, it takes an hour to get to Waterloo/Victoria. The traffic can be a big problem as the A25 goes right through the town centre and round a one-way system which isn't designed for the volume of traffic. So morning rush hour can be very congested.

I don't know the state schools very well, Ashcombe (secondary) has a good reputation and there are good independent schools in Reigate and Ashtead.

Chart Downs is on the edge of the town and looks nice, but you're a drive/cycle away from the station, which may influence your decision. For me, being within walking distance of 3 stations is a great benefit, a North-South line to London and East-West to Reading/Gatwick. So my teens can get themselves to and from school/friends'/London etc without needing a lift even though I still end up being a taxi service. Also Gatwick is only half an hour away - very handy and Dorking is not under a flight path.


Banter Thu 03-Apr-14 18:44:18

"Dorking is not under a flight path." yet .... so let's hope that people get involved in the public consultation that starts tomorrow

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