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dombliss Thu 27-Mar-14 12:41:12

We are looking to move out to surrey (from London) and Oxted has a good train link for DH to get to work in London. Can anyone tell me why they love / don't like living in and around Oxted? We have 2 children ages 5-10ys and we're wondering where can we go out for dinner sat nights?? what do people do on the weekend?? We're so used to having everything on the door step in london wink. Do you need to go into London shopping or which are the main town centres that feed the area? Are taxi's plentiful? are there any local markets? nice lunch places? Is it easy to find babysitters, cleaners? Easy to meet people? all of these kinds of things confused

kingstoncherry Sat 05-Apr-14 21:13:02

Hello, thanks for posting.

We've shared this link via Twitter (@mumsnetsurrey), so you'll hopefully see feedback shortly.

Good luck with it all smile

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itsallglamour Wed 21-May-14 14:48:54

I love Oxted smile I like being able to get into the countryside easily and it has a lovely community feeling. You can drive to the coast in an hour, and get into London easily too.

Lovely restaurants in the town center - Cucina (Italian) and Ghurka Kitchen (Nepalese) plus 4 pubs in Old Oxted 2/3 of which are good for food. Also Pizza Express and 2 independent cafes as well as Costa, Nero. Some other lovely pubs with good food in driving distance in Staffhurst Wood, Lingfield. If I was going for major shopping trip I'd go to Bluewater. Reigate has good shops.

I can't comment on baby sitters as I have family willing to do that. I met people easily when kids were small, but DH lived her much longer than me, so through him too.

During the summer usually something on at the weekend - fetes, carnival, boot sale, donkey derby, food festival, beer festival - all at Master Park in Oxted plus others in neighbouring villages. One of the Old Oxted pubs, The Crown has a lot of live music in their garden marquee, plus there is a very active am dram theatre.


anotherbitofcake Thu 10-Jul-14 19:14:54

ive recently moved here and love it but it is very different to London. That said London is only half hour away to get your fix. Second above post. Other nice place to shop is Tunbridge Wells about 40 min drive away. Very easy to meet people, and people are very friendly too. Our weekends have changed to doing more outsidey country stuff - national trust, walks etc

shanghaismog Wed 16-Jul-14 22:08:01

We moved here about 6 months ago and love it. Commute is easily doable and we can't believe how many summer fetes/food fairs/donkey derby/beer festival/carnival etc there are here. Lovely community feel with small town atmosphere but London a short hop away. Best of both worlds really.

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