Help needed - primary / junior / independent schools in Farnham

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Bigbrownbear17 Wed 26-Mar-14 13:03:49

Hi. We're in the throes of buying a house in (South) Farnham and are looking at schools for DD1 who is in currently in Y1 in a lovely state school in SW London. DD2 has just started nursery there and is due to start Reception in September 2015. Only thing is that all the state primary schools - and Infant feeders into South Farnham - are full. Eek. The only exception is Pilgrim's Way, which I visited last week. Does anyone have any views on this school? Its last ofsted report was poor and tbh, although I was impressed with the current head (south farnham's deputy), I really wasn't bowled over. As a result, we are now looking at independent schools (which can take both with none of the stress of the state application process) with a view to applying to Infant and Junior schools in Farnham in January 2015 when we are a bit more of an even keel (or not!) We have visited Alton Convent which seems great (but 10 miles away so am concerned about DDs finding some Farnham friends). Edgeborough seems v nice and close by but I have heard from various sources that it's a bit snooty. Barfield was going to be my next stop. Any thoughts on any of these schools - or any others - gratefully received! Feeling stressed ;-)

Tabya876 Thu 18-Dec-14 17:18:33

Hello Bigbrownbear17

Hopefully my son will also be starting at SF in Sept 2015. we looked at placing hm at Edgeborough for a while as we have just moved into the area but were underwhelmed by their academic aspirations.

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