Same Sex families in Surrey

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Futuremumma Wed 05-Mar-14 17:24:59


My wife and I are planning to move to the Walton on Thames area later this year to escape the city and hope to begin our family. We have friends in Walton and it ticks so many boxes. Whilst it isn't crucial that we surround ourselves with other gay couples or same sex families, our friendships are based on mutual values and interests not sexuality, we do want to be sure that we pick an area where we will be comfortable and any kids we may have will be happy.

So I wondered if anyone is in a same sex relationship in Walton or around or knows of any other couples? Basically, will we be the only gays in the village and will that be ok!

Thank you all in advance,

Bekabeech Wed 05-Mar-14 21:05:48

I don't know Walton, but out here in Guildford you would be very ordinary I'm afraid. (And we don't even have a proper Gay Pub at present.)

Futuremumma Thu 06-Mar-14 11:05:21

Hi Bekabeech,

We had looked at Guildford and loved it but sadly my wife's commute wasn't manageable. We know a couple of couples there and would have felt very normal indeed! Fingers crossed Walton is welcoming!

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