The best bits about living in Surrey? - leave your answers here for the chance to win £10 Amazon voucher

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kingstoncherry Mon 24-Feb-14 20:46:23

This site will be Mumsnet Local Site of the Week w/c 10 March.

We want to canvass your opinions, to ensure we put forward an unbiased view of what's great about living in Surrey.

Could you spare 5 mins to answer the following?

1. Best thing about the area
2. Best child friendly cafe
3. Best child free night out
4. Best outside space
5. Best hidden gem
6. Best community venue
7. Best free visitor attraction
8. Best day out
9. Best place to shop

Thank you for taking part thanks

kingstoncherry Mon 24-Feb-14 20:47:46

Winner will be chosen at random 7 March.

Helensita1 Tue 25-Feb-14 12:43:28

Hello there, here are my answers.
1. Its beauty, its safety.
2. Jellybugs cafe in Kingston
3. Dinner at Field to Fork (Epsom) followed my movie at the Odeon
4. Rosebery Park, Epsom and Hobbledown
5. Jellybugs cafe in Ewell (Harrier Centre)
6. Ebbisham Centre Library and soft play
7. Epsom Downs/Epsom Common
8. Walk on Epsom Common or Horton Park followed by lunch at one of the many good eateries in Epsom.
9. Kingston

CalifornianMum Wed 05-Mar-14 10:41:25

1. Best thing about the area--family activities, safety, schools (sorry, couldn't just pick one)
2. Best child friendly cafe--Jellybugs Kingston
3. Best child free night out--Stein's restaurant in Kingston
4. Best outside space--Richmond Park
5. Best hidden gem--RHS Wisley
6. Best community venue--Kingston children's library
7. Best free visitor attraction--Playground by Ham Gate in Richmond Park
8. Best day out--Chessington
9. Best place to shop--Kingston town centre, Bentalls centre

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