Frimley or St Peters?

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Sarahiz Thu 13-Feb-14 11:13:44

Hi, I am due in 10 weeks, and have so far being going to St Peters for scans, seems fine. But have read some bad reviews about Labour at St Peters. Have heard Frimely is much better? Any views or experience?

Guildford78 Thu 13-Feb-14 20:52:30

I've met someone who has professional experience of both and they said St Peters.

May09Bump Thu 13-Feb-14 23:04:34

Not sure about St. Peters, but I didn't think Frimley handed my induction that great. I think I should have had a CS as baby was big (9lb 10 oz - been scanned big from early on) and ended up stuck, but they left me to have a ventouse and a cut after days of labor. My sons heart rate was ok, but he was really battered and bruised. Ear is still bent. Also the aftercare wasn't great - I wasn't checked how much I was bleeding and had no movement in leg so couldn't feel anything. I had to get husband to regularly get a nurse to help change the dressing and pads. Sorry if TMI, but I was bleeding badly / heavy and it just wasn't sanitary the time I was left.

Also, my son has a large facial birthmark (didn't matter to me) but they just brushed over It and we had to push for necessary referrals (mri needed asap to see if had any brain damage due to birthmark etc).
He is fine and doing fantastic.

I picked it as it had the best rating. I hope I haven't scared you with above - lots of birth experiences are straight forward. If you choose st peters please let me know how it goes - as I am planning my second and its my next choice.

Best wishes for your birth.

Oklahoma Fri 21-Feb-14 17:12:45

I'm having the same dilemma.

I'm terrified of hospitals and am worried they'll just tell me to suck it up and that my stress will affect my baby. I really need DH to stay with me but am worried they'll try and send him away.

Does anyone else have any recent experience?

morethanacondiment Sun 23-Feb-14 10:01:27

I've had three great, well-managed births at St Peter's (including a brief stay in NICU and then Special Care, so I was very grateful to have those facilities and amazing staff at hand). I have no complaints at all about my care on the labour labour, however, was not so good. Usual difficulties with not enough staff, no continuity of care, but friends tell me Frimley is just the same now.
Good luck, hopefully you'll have a quick and easy birth and will be back at home having forgotten the whole experience in ten weeks time!

morethanacondiment Sun 23-Feb-14 10:03:04

Oh! My three births have all been in the last four years- most recently six months ago grin

beccajoh Fri 04-Apr-14 17:32:03

I had both my children at St Peters, July 2012 and January 2014. I have no particular grievances and found staff to be caring and helpful, although very busy! Both times I had lots of help with breastfeeding. Food wasn't great but you're only there a day or two. I had c-sections both times and was home within 48 hours after both births.

UpNorthInSurrey Sat 03-May-14 14:45:27

Two births at Frimley that were fine.

Alixion Wed 14-May-14 07:31:47

DS was born at St Peters in Feb 14 - I can't fault the care and attention from the midwives before, during and after birth. I had 'help' with the birth from a doctor who did a brilliant job but who we never saw again. I suppose this is standard as they are so busy. All staff were endlessly helpful and friendly and always visited us at the start and end of a shift which was nice.

I found the birth experience really quite traumatic but would have no hesitation in recommending St. Peters.

Following the birth I was referred for physio at St Peters which was a waste of time so my experience of outpatient care is not so good.

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