Dover's Green School, Reigate. Feedback please

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Kidhands Wed 29-Jan-14 23:15:14

I'd really like to hear any and all feedback on Dover's Green Priory ASAP. My DD is not yet 2yrs but we are in a position where we would like/need to move house fast as we have a second baby due imminently and have sold our house and a purchase just fallen through after many months. Schools were not an issue as we would have been within the catchment area of 2 I would be very happy sending DD to. Now having to very swiftly research Dover's Green. I see Ofsted rate it highly and what I can see online actually looks excellent. Why does it have this bad rep I keep hearing and reading about? Can anyone put my mind at rest? All info very gratefully received, especially from any existing parents of the school. Thanks in advance!

Kidhands Thu 30-Jan-14 01:31:24 the idea all Dover's Green pupils go to Sandcross at 7? We are a fraction closer to Reigate Priory which also starts 7+. I am assuming far enough though that we would not get priority.

Are there options to join another school from 7 even if that school takes children from 4?

Sorry. Finding it quite confusing. Apologies if these questions are a little dumb. I'm still a novice!

Snowbell Thu 30-Jan-14 22:29:46

My DD went to Dovers Green (she has just turned 12). It is basically a very good school, and we were glad we sent her there. Maybe the bad rep comes from the fact that they have a mixed intake and some of the kids come from backgrounds that aren't great - this is not the posh end of Reigate! Wasn't a problem though. The problem is it gets compared to other infant schools on the other side of Reigate where nearly every family there seems to be higher up the socio-economic scale. Yes, most Dovers Green pupils go to Sandcross but a handful every year apply to Priory. In DD's time about 6-7 kids went to Priory every year. You wouldn't be able to transfer to another school at 7 that does not have an intake then. Hope this helps.

Kidhands Fri 31-Jan-14 22:21:46

It does. Thank you!

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