Nursery/pre-school in Burpham/Guildford

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GTownGal Fri 17-Jan-14 16:50:02

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for nurseries or pre-schools in the Guildford area? We live in Burpham and will probably be sending DD to either Burpham or Boxgrove Primary School when the time comes, so ideally places that feed into those would be best.

Thank you smile

Bekabeech Wed 22-Jan-14 07:12:13

The pre-school which meets in the Sutherland Memorial park was always good in my day. A lot of children from Christ Church pre-school go on to Boxgrove. Boxgrove also has its own Nursery I think now?

JsMumm Mon 24-Feb-14 11:43:45

Hi! Christopher Robin Montessori day nursery, Burpham or Crescent nursery/preschool in Merrow, 2 very different but good nurseries in my opinion. I don't think they feed into any particular school though.

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