Pre-school in New Haw - Teddies on a Rainbow and The Grove Nursery / The Grange School and moving from childminder to pre-school.

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Primrose20 Mon 13-Jan-14 10:15:06

Hi ladies

I have been in the area 7 years but not sure of the pre-schools etc and not have many friends in the area that could offer advise!

My daughter is at childminders x 3 days a week but moving her to preschool this September hopefully (I wish she could stay at childminders forever!), depending on place. Does anyone have any experience with either The Grove Nursery or Teddies on a Rainbow - both have good ofted reports. I have visited Teddies but not The Grove. Teddies seems small but based in a park and has great staff. Any help would be grately appreciated especially present parents at either place. And also from parents who have moved their child from a childminder to a preschool - THANKS! :-) As a way of a little background - my child will be 3 this September so will be one of the eldest in her year.

kingstoncherry Fri 24-Jan-14 18:38:13

Hello, we've posted your thread on Twitter (@mumsnetsurrey) so hopefully you should see feedback shortly.

Good luck with it all

Local Editor

StinkyElfCheese Sun 16-Feb-14 12:15:38

Hi primrose were local and had the same problem for pre school - my dt's are now in reception at the grange most of the kids came from the grove nursery so if you want to settle them in with friends they will be at school with try that i have heard lots of good things about it from the parents.
My friend sends her little girl to teddies and she is thriving there.

I would check that there is spaces i know that there is waiting lists for both - my DT's ended up in chertsey nursery as that was the only place theat had spaces ( as a bonus is a 'free' council funded nursery and mine went 5 days a week term time 9-2 from 3 1/2) I cannot sing there praises high enough and both boys are doing very well academically at school - but on the downside they didnt have any 'friends' from nursery go up to school with them.

You have to go and have a good look at nursery's and see how they feel

good luck

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