Guildford County vs George Abbott

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Dededum Fri 25-Oct-13 16:34:11

I am biased but my preference is GC.

Both great schools and know happy parents at both.

Think it depends on child to a certain extent, more quirky kids will get an easier time at GC. The year 7 team is EXCELLENT, I speak from personal experience, really working positively with parents to address issues. The music stuff is great, boys choir local tour had 150 boys this year (nearly a third of boys at school).

Negative - they set in year 7 for Maths, Science, French & Music (2 top sets, 3 middle sets and 1 bottom set). The setting is for all ie: if in top set for Maths you are in top sets for all. The range of abilities in middle sets is very wide. Can be an issue.

Anyway choose GC because my DS is going to GC in year 7 this year and he's great!

Bekabeech Thu 24-Oct-13 11:10:16

I am biased but my preference would be GA.

You do know that with equal preference you can put GA first, GC second and then if you don't qualify for GA you will be offered GC.

Also if you heard anything like the rubbish explanation of how the admissions procedure works that I heard at GC; then I would suggest you read the Admissions threads on the main Mumsnet site and even talk to the council admissions people. Because what GC said in the meeting I attended was both wrong and confusing.

I do not know GC's new head, although he has done good things already. I do find their "community spirit" a bit over played (and I have worked there).

I also think offering pupils a wide curriculum and range of options is a good thing. Not everyone is going to follow a strictly academic path. BTW GC offers both Photography and Textiles, it just doesn't have the experience or expertise of GA in those subjects.

jezbian Thu 24-Oct-13 10:41:33

Presently tormented about whether to send DS to Guildford County or George Abbott. His initial hunch was GA. However, we are closer to GC (under a mile away as opposed to a mile & a half from GA).

GC seems like more of a community where everyone seems to know everyone else, pupils seem motivated and there are less "filler" subjects such as textiles & photography. GA appears to have more & better sporting facilities onsite & a greater range options available for pupils. Be warned, this is all concluded from brief, personal exposure to both schools and I may well be entirely wrong.

Would very much like to hear informed opinions.

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