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FDRPerth Mon 21-Oct-13 11:34:35

Hello All,

First post here, long time reader smile. We really like Pyrford as a place to live and am looking to move. The area seems nice for a family.

Our question is how do children living at the southern end of Pyrford (ie. Lincoln / lovelace drive) typically get to Fullbrook secondary school??

We're not the McMansion and private road type of people - growing up on Australia that kind of thing isn't common - and so we're looking further away from WB station where this isn't the case.

I see the school buses all seem to go north and collect children from Addlestone, New Haw etc, not south into Woking way.

I make the walk approx 45 mins from Pyrford to Fullbrook. Short of driving, I was wondering if anyone else on here is in this situation and if you could be kind enough to comment on how your children do the Pyrford to Fullbrook school journey in the morning.

Many thanks,

Hillary25 Mon 21-Oct-13 21:24:26

Have you looked on the surrey cc website regarding the catchment area and distance of the last placed out of catchment child? I'm afraid I don't know about Pyrford but there's loads of good info on the website about how likely a child from X would get in.

FDRPerth Tue 22-Oct-13 10:17:41

Thanks Hillary, yes I have checked and catchment is not an issue. My question was more about the practicalities of getting to and from Fullbrook secondary school...

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