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Bessel Tue 08-Oct-13 10:58:45

We have just put an offer on a house in South Farnham, but I'm now extremely nervous about the availability of school places. Does anyone have any further views about St Peters? With South Farnham school being the best choice with no spaces, why do residents avoid St Peters; should I have reason to avoid it too?

mrsbigstuff Tue 08-Oct-13 21:30:34

My children go to this school. We love it. It's a really friendly and caring school. There are lots of families who could not get in to South Farnham who come to St Peter's and they are usually really surprised at how happy their children are and how much they enjoy coming to school.

Smoodle Wed 09-Oct-13 10:00:56

I have a child at the school too and am really happy with it. It's a really caring and family orientated school. Kids are really well behaved. KS2 results are really good (actually on a par with other schools that are better thought of in the area, for example St Polycarps). KS1 results are not quite as good yet but they've moved the really good KS2 Leader to KS1 so I expect the results there will be excellent soon too. The school also has a new Early Years Leader who is very good, comes from an Outstanding school and is making lots of changes. The new Head is really good too, very keen, has very high aspirations for the school and keen to listen to views of parents and make changes.

Don't be put off by the last Ofsted report. It was done when the criteria had just changed, when the school were in a really disruptive phase of the building works, and when they had an interim head teacher. Things have changed a lot since then and the feeling at the time was that it was an incredibly harsh view of the school.

As to your question as to why some parents avoid St Peters... I think it's down to snobbery. Yes, St Peter's does have a more mixed catchment compared to some other local schools that exist in upper middle class bubbles. The parents at St Peter's are mostly middle class but there are some families from the less well off parts of Wrecclesham. However, the mix of kids means that they all learn to get on with people whatever their background - this is one of the reasons that we chose the school and why the head of Weydon apparently really likes kids from St Peter's (because they mix well - apparently the Head Girl and Boy at Weydon are very often ex-St Peter's pupils).

If you're stuck on South Farnham, then you might be in luck as they are apparently taking 3 classes this year (or so I heard on the rumour mill).

Apologies for the essay, didn't mean to write so much.

p.s. There's an open evening on the 19th Nov if you want to have a look round.

Bessel Wed 09-Oct-13 12:28:33

Thank you so much for your replies and your feedback is invaluable. I've just arranged to visit next Monday, so I'll look forward to having a look around and get a better feel for the school. Fingers crossed for the house (we're supposed to hear today if they'll accept our offer)!

Mrscupcake23 Fri 11-Oct-13 20:40:17

Hi I am a nanny and have minded children from both schools.

I know which child I would pick for my child and it wouldn't be South Farnham . This school is all about sats results with no atmosphere or fun.

Remember all the schools feed in to Weydon anyway.

There is a huge amount of snobbery in Farnham about getting their child into South Farnham .

roscoe13 Sat 16-Nov-13 19:49:47

We moved to Lower Bourne two years ago when our children were in Yr 4 and Yr 1 and accepted places at St Peter's with, if I'm honest, a view to moving them to South Farnham as soon as places became available. We have been delighted with St Peter's - our children have absolutely flourished. You have nothing to worry about. Oh and BTW, when we did get offered a place at South Farnham after living here 15 months, we declined! What more can I say?

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