Redhill Schools, St Joseph's or St John's??

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eamaxwell Wed 23-Oct-13 11:06:14

Thank you for your comment. I think I am going to put St Joseph's down as first choice.

ClumsyMaman Wed 18-Sep-13 11:43:44

You are very lucky to have such a choice. Many mums here could only dream of having to choose between two schools ;).

I don't know your circumstances but if you need after school clubs, St Joseph is not great. It does not have one and you would require a childminder or use the YMCA's service. But otherwise faultless in all other regards.

Another point to consider is whether children from St Joseph have a better chance of getting into St Bede's. If so, I know which primary school I would choose!

Bonne chance,

eamaxwell Thu 12-Sep-13 11:13:29

I can't decide which school to choose for my 3 year old who will be going to start school in Sep 2014. I have always wanted to send him to a catholic school because we are regular church goers and they tend to be better schools. But we are a 5 minute walk from St John's school and it seems like a lovely little school, and my son attends nursery there.
Which in your opinion is the better school? They both have similar Ofsted reports and I just can't decide. Any thoughts?

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