Living in Noble Park and lack of local school places.

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IrishLoretta Fri 06-Sep-13 19:21:44

Hi all
We moved to Noble Park in Epsom at the end of last year. I have two children, the eldest has just started Y2 and my youngest is starting Reception. Stamford Green is our nearest school 0.6mile. Unfortunately we did not get offered a place at SG for my daughter; she is currently 7th on the waiting list- which fluctuates all the time. My son is 4th on the waiting list for Y2, but I do not hold out any hope of either of them being offered a place any time soon! This was very disappointing as we have to travel 3.5miles to Ewell Grove where they are both attending. Don't get me wrong, we absolutely love Ewell Grove; my son has attended there since nursery. He is finishing infant school in 2014 so I dread what distance he will have to travel to school from Y3.

My concern is there seems to be no plans for the children of Noble Park to have access to their local/ nearest school. My next door neighbour’s daughter was offered West Ewell this wan't even in her top 3 choices. I have read some other threads and some children from The Noble Park estate have been offered primary school places as far away as Claygate and Ashtead. I fear we may have an unrealistic juggling act when my son starts whichever school in Y3 trying to get our two children to their respective schools.

I understand a few years ago there was something similar for a number of families living at Clarendon Park in particular, as well as some at Manor Park, who were disappointed not to get into the nearby Southfield Park primary school because the newer homes at Livingstone Park are even closer. Since this SCC have modified their selection procedure, based on measuring distances "as the crow flies" rather than by road or footpath, which is expected to favour Manor Park over Clarendon Park. I don't know how fair this is either.
It seems they are building these housing estates but not considering the need for school places within the surrounding areas.

I would really like to hear from any other residents of Noble Park having similar experiences.

kingstoncherry Sat 28-Sep-13 14:57:04

Hello, we've shared this post on our FB page, hopefully somebody local can help!

Local Editor

Banter Sun 29-Sep-13 09:48:49

You mentioned that housing estates are being built without considering the need for school places. I'm not sure exactly what happened in the case of your estate but I think when planning permission was granted, it may have been known as West Park. If so, Surrey CC appears to have been given £1,688,815 to create new school places for the 360 dwelling in that proposal. If that's not the right one, check for the right one on Epsom's planning database. In the case of large housing schemes, Surrey will have been asked to confirm whether it needs money for new places. I'd ask my councillor to help me locate the paper that was used to justify the sum that was requested and to confirm where it was spent. Good luck.,d.bGE

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