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Kivia100 Mon 26-Aug-13 12:27:28

We are planning to move to England. Someone recommended Cobham as a really nice area. We have 2 boys, 4 and 18 months.
Is it a nice family friendly area? Pretentious? If not Cobham, any other town that would be super family friendly and easy to settle in to?

Guildford78 Mon 26-Aug-13 21:28:17

Come to Guildford smile.

It's a biggervtown than Cobham with great rail links and schools. If you prefer a bit smaller then Godalming is gorgeous. Both have absolutely loads for children.

I don't know Zcobham that well but it is very nice. I always think of it as super-expensive though and Guildford isn't exactly cheap.

Someone might correct me but I think it's an area with lots of very rich footballers.

SmallBee Tue 27-Aug-13 21:26:25

I work in Cobham but live just outside of Guildford in a lovely village called Bramley.
I agree with Guildford78 that Guildford is gorgeous and a lot bigger than Cobham but both have the same sort of market town feel to them.
I think Cobham is lovely, there is park I often see families playing in, there are a few schools and lots of kids around. I don't know much about the schools I'm afraid.
There seem to be a lot of activities and things to do. There is a large Sainsburys and Waitrose, aside from that most of the shops are very boutique.
One thing it isn't short of is places to eat, there are a lot of coffee shops & restaurants, both chains and one offs. It also has an amazing deli called At Home.
The Chelsea FC training ground is based there so you will spot the occasional footballer, a lot of footballer's wives and LOADS of range rovers. The train station is a bit out of the way, whereas with Guildford it is in the town centre, but it has links to London, I think it is a 40 minute journey. I think it is a beautiful place and wouldn't object to living there at all.
Guildford, Godalming & Cobham are all fairly close to each other so if you come over to England you could visit them all in a day to get a better feel of them.
Hope that helps, feel free to PM me with any more questions!

Dededum Wed 28-Aug-13 08:50:12

Are you looking at state or private education.

Guildford has got great state schools and unusually 3 excellent secondary schools. Not so good for boys private schools. Not sure about schools in Cobham.

Guildford is pricey but does have everything, schools, shops, cinemas, sports park, pretty, great countryside. A real mix of people and nationalities, well for the South East! If you have young kids then will be fine meeting other families, lots of people move here with young kids so quite transient.

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