Waterbirths near Oxted - Surrey/Kent border

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anotherbitofcake Thu 18-Jul-13 10:09:42

I will be moving to Oxted, Surrey very soon and have no clue about the hospitals/birthing centres nearby. I think East Surrey is nearest, though not sure of facilities yet. I'd like to have a waterbirth all being well, can anyone recommend anywhere? I've read East Surrey hosp a bit crap and Pembury good but not sure how much to read into this. Not even sure I'd be allowed to choose where to go either as everywhere is so busy!
Thanks in advance

Fnahfnah Mon 29-Jul-13 20:47:54

I had both dc at East Surrey - dd2 would have been a water birth if she wasn't so damn quick! So I didn't get to experience it but I can tell you the pool was ready for me by the time I got to the hospital and was basically a large bath which seemed adequate for the task!

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