up to date info on St Bede's junior school in Send, Ripley Primary, and the Dawnay

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Horsleymummy Wed 26-Jun-13 21:21:45

Hi all
Just realised I seem to be Horsleymummy on the local site, and ConfusedofHerneHill on the general site (where I have also posted this). Never mind...
We are moving to Surrey in the summer holidays, and looking for a year three place for my son from September, and a year six place for my daughter.
We are renting in East Horsley from end July/ early August (so originally heading the Howard of Effingham route for secondary school application for my daughter in October), though this has been complicated by the fact that we may buy in West Clandon (and therefore may end up going the George Abbot route).
Today we heard from Surrey CC re the schools that they can offer places at:
The Raleigh school in Horsley has no current spaces, though we have been put on the waiting list. Eastwick in Bookham has a space for my daughter in next year's year 6, but not my son. St Bede's in Send, Ripley Primary, and the Dawnay in Bookham have spaces for both children, but all three have "requires improvement" Ofsted reports, the latter two in the past few months. I know Ofsted is not the be all and end all, but when you have little local knowledge, the Ofsted reports tend to loom large.
I had a quick tour of St Bede's (two lovely year six boys showed me round, then a chat with the newish headmistress who seemed pretty on the ball) then Ripley Primary (probably liked it slightly less, though can't put my finger on why.) Have yet to make it to the Dawnay.
It would be really helpful to have some detail on these schools from anyone who knows some up-to-date info.
In the spirit of full disclosure, I should say that my son has been for an assessment at Cranmore today, and my daughter for a taster day at St Teresa's (yet to hear back from them, but she has been offered a place at Manor House). It would be a stretch for us, but we could just about manage private school fees, with some fairly swingeing lifestyle cuts.
AAAARGH!, just aaaargh....

Ripley10 Sat 27-Jul-13 15:20:16

Do you still need info on these schools? Would be happy to help if so....

bestparent Sun 28-Jul-13 23:16:09

any opinion or info on St Teresas? currently interested in their prep.

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