Where to live in Surrey with twins and commute to Liverpool Street Station

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LP28 Sun 23-Jun-13 09:42:17


We live near Canary Wharf and need to find a family home. The twins are 7 months now and DH works near Liverpool Street.

We've looked at places like St Albans and Harpenden and both seem too far and expensive. We have a 650k budget for a 4 bed.

Are there any nice leafy and safe villages within a 40-50 minute commute time for DH and good primary schools/child care for the twins?

Thanks so much for replying. The idea of moving has been very stressful and we don't want to end up making a mistake by moving to somewhere we don't like.

holidaysrcoming Sun 23-Jun-13 17:22:43

Really the easiest place to live is Essex way ! But many commute to City from Surrey, to Waterloo then on the 'drain' to Bank then walk, which depending on how close to L Street isn't that far.



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