Anyone use the after school club at the YMCA in Redhill?

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SESinSurrey Wed 19-Jun-13 07:47:13

My DS starts at reception in September and we're trying to find the best solution for before and after school care.
I thought this looked a good option for after school but wondered how it is in reality?

bookluva Thu 18-Jul-13 16:16:18

Many years ago, I considered the YMCA at Redhill. I chose not to go with this option because the children are collected from a lot of schools and it may take a while before they actually get there. My DD benefited more from a calming home environment at that age as she was quite shy and tired easily. Saying this, I've glimpsed the children in afterschool care sometimes on my way to the gymn and they all look very happy. If your DS can cope with loud children of a variety of different ages, it could be a good choice. How important is it that he is fed? A childminder will provide proper food and when I asked about this at the YMCA I was told that my DD would be given a bag of crisps. This might have changed since them but it's something to consider if you're collecting him late. Finally, does your DS's school provide an afterschool club? It's an option that's definitely worth exploring.

TheCampbells Fri 06-Sep-13 23:39:38

The ymca afterschool club is excellent! My now 13yr old daughter went there all through primary school I couldn't fault it.

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