Best (NHS) maternity hospital near Bookham?

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newmumtobookham Tue 18-Jun-13 21:17:00

we are moving to Bookham next month and for obvious reasons will need to pick a maternity hospital. I have no idea about the hospitals in the area I don't even know where the nearest to Bookham is.

I am quite picky though as I have high risk pregnancies and have been lucky whilst living in West London to have both my babies at Queen Charlottes hospital. This is a maternity hospital separate from the neighbouring general hospital and is quite specialist especially for my complications. When I had my first child it was newly built and just had a lovely feel to it.

Even though I live a bit further from it now the doctors said I still have a choice to go there or choose from a few others. Obviously I won't be having baby in any of them and I need to choose which hospital they will pass me on to.

I don't know how it works in Surrey, do you get a choice? And if you do which is the best one? I have seen some really filthy looking hospitals and some which have terrible reputations for their maternity wards (in west london) so I would really love some advice from the locals on this one.

Please share your knowledge with me. Thanks in advance.

holidaysrcoming Wed 19-Jun-13 16:38:20

i live near here now but like you had my children in london so sorry can't help much other than to say think your nearest choices are Epsom, Guildford (lots of friends used, never heard complaints about Royal Surrey) or Kingston. Maybe try posting in the pregnancy and birth section? Good luck with move.

newmumtobookham Wed 19-Jun-13 20:33:45

Thanks holiday, yes it's very quiet on here might try posting there.

So is there no hospital in Leatherhead or Dorking? I don't think I fancy going to Epsom.

When did you make the move out of London? How did your children adjust? My two are very upset about moving but they are also excited about many things as well.

holidaysrcoming Wed 19-Jun-13 22:54:51

no, nothing in l'head or dorking... we moved 6 years ago, so to be honest they don't really remember much as they were toddlers. school and clubs just throw you into so many things, there are just as many activities if not more around here and lots of things to do over the summer hols to get them used to their new area. feel free to pm me if you want any other info.

EmmaSmith13 Fri 21-Jun-13 16:47:42

Leatherhead and Dorking hospitals are v small and no maternity unit. Nearest is East surrey ( in Redhill) - had my daughter there and they were fab. Both she and I were ill at/ just after the birth and the care we got was brilliant. Other nearest option would be Guildford which I've never been to but have friends who had their babies there and were very pleased with them. Hope that's helps

AddictedToPropertyApps Fri 21-Jun-13 20:11:37

Frimley Park hospital was recently voted best maternity unit in the south east but might be a trek. They get high risk cases.

newmumtobookham Sat 22-Jun-13 09:24:06

Gosh I cannot believe how far I will have to go. In the last month of my pregnancies I was having to visit the hospital every 2nd day for monitoring the babies heart.

It's going to be a real hassle having to travel to Red hill or Guildford every couple of days. I suppose we are just spoiled in London for hospitals, I have never been further than 10mins from a hospital.

My husband will be taking the car to work so will probably be a bus ride. So is the easiest bus ride from Bookham to Epsom?

holidaysrcoming Sun 23-Jun-13 17:25:55

Yes def Epsom, as the bus from Bookham goes past the hospital, whereas for Gford you would have to change or get a cab as Hospital not in town.

But...the buses are not frequent, you would have to time appointments carefully. Maybe your midwives can come up with smth creative to help if scans aren't required. Good luck, feel for you as I had similar issues in pg.

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