Moving to Bookham next month my children will need play mates

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newmumtobookham Tue 18-Jun-13 20:49:25

we are moving to Bookham next month. We have two children a boy of 6 in yr 1 and a girl of 8 in yr 3. Our daughter will be going to St Teresas and our son to Eastwick.

My children have been in same school since nursery and we have never moved away from friends before. My son in particular is getting very sad and is worried about not having any friends.

Bookham looks like such a fantastic community and I just cannot wait to be living there. I would love it however, if before we move we can have some playdates set up with childen of a similar age. As it will be school holidays I thought the best bet would be to see if anyone on here that lives locally with similar aged children ould be up for a picnic in the park with the children.

Banter Sun 11-Aug-13 14:34:15

Hi and welcome to Bookham! I hope that you are settling in now, and that you've started to make some new friends. Although older than yours, we have a boy and a girl too. In terms of getting to know other families, signing up for children's activities is a great way to mix as you'll meet families from all of the local schools. During the holidays, why not invite their old friends down to explore their new home? It's very easy to get here from London by train - ask them to bring bikes, cycle across the common to Downside (handy pub on the green, with play area within sight), then let them camp in your garden. Also try the activities at Polesden Lacey - they just missed setting a record last weekend - or the tennis club in Fetcham is running summer coaching . Both of ours worked their way through guides/scouts and we found these were great for mixing with both state and private children. Ours also enjoyed Leatherhead Theatre and Leatherhead swimming club (at St T's on Fridays and Saturdays, and the Leisure Centre once they're swimming well.) For your son, don't forget Bookham Colts (football), and/or Eagles, both of which will start training soon. Best wishes

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