Moving to East Horsley with a ten-year-old girl and a seven-year-old boy

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Horsleymummy Sun 09-Jun-13 18:18:49

We (my husband and I, and our two children) are moving from South London into a rental house in East Horsley over the summer holidays and looking to buy as soon as we can find something. Hoping for state school places for my daughter for year six and my son for year three from September, but most schools seem chocca, so we may have to stretch ourselves somehow and go private.
Biggest worry (particularly for me, and for my daughter) is friends - the lovely ones we'll leave behind, and how easy it will be to make new ones, whether through school or by joining clubs etc.
Just wondered if anyone else is in a similar situation, or has similar age children and might like to meet up? Daughter is arty, slightly tomboyish, son is a sporty clown.
HM xx

newmumtobookham Sat 22-Jun-13 09:44:13

Hi, our children sound exactly the same. However a bit of an age gap. Although both mine are tall so often get mistaken for bring older. My daughter is arty too and a bit tomboyish. My son is 6 and daughter is 8. We are moving also from London next month but we are off to Bookham.

I have written a similar post on discussions but no one has replied :-( So thought I would reply to yours even though we are not exactly the right match.

We are in West London, my husband will continue to travel into London for work. I will be at home for the first year. Our daughter is going to a near by independent school St Teresas it seems fantastic she has been quite a few times now and loves it. But we are sticking with state school for our son for now as he has some extra needs.

The school we are applying for says he will be 6th on the waiting list so it looks like I may be home schooling him for a while. I am just praying a space magically becomes available. I have heard the Raliegh school is supposed to be good in the Horsleys. Have you managed to get into the catchment area for the Howard of Effingham for your daughter in a few years?

If you fancy getting together or keeping in touch PM me and would be happy to. I am probably going to feel a bit lonely to begin with.

When are you moving? We are moving the end of July.

newmumtobookham Sat 22-Jun-13 09:51:40

Just realised you posted this on the 9th of June. These boards are so quiet. Hope you get the message and will be good to hear from you soon.

Horsleymummy Wed 26-Jun-13 21:14:07

My daughter went for a taster day at St Teresa's today, and has an offer from Manor House, though I am still holding out hope that by some miracle a decent state school will suddenly have a space!
Would be really happy to meet up. Our rental starts in late July, but we are probably not going to move until August. There must be so many people like us - all the evidence is that new London exodus families are flooding into the area - we just need to gather them together for a ready made bunch of chums (aka lonely exiles, desperate for a bit of adult company!)
Feel free to PM me. I only replied directly on the thread to bump it up, and try and flush out some more potential like-minded souls.

bestparent Sun 28-Jul-13 23:23:43

I am sending my DD to St Teresas prep this Sept and really hope it is as great as it appears and sounds.

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