Moving out from London - Epsom, Banstead or Reigate?

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HereWeGoThen Thu 30-May-13 11:07:15

Hi, we're doing the traditional growing-family need more space/better qualify of life fleeing from SW London to somewhere in Surrey, the question is where. DH works in London so commute time via Clapham Junction is important. I work near Redhill, and want to stay close to make childcare easier if I go back to work after maternity leave. I also want to be ideally within walking distance of a nice town centre with cafes/nice shops. DH is more concerned with distance to a station and having a big house with a decent garden. Good schools are essential too.

We started looking in Ewell, but there's not much in the way of shops and it just feels like part of the South London sprawl still. So then we started looking at Reigate, which is a gorgeous town, but anywhere we can afford that's near the centre/station is tiny, and the commute for DH isn't great. So now we're considering Banstead, which is more affordable if a bit smaller, but still the commute isn't great and trains don't look like they're that frequent (and none at all on Sundays?). I've been resisting Epsom as the town centre looks a bit grim and so full of traffic, but maybe we should consider that too? Opinions anyone?

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