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LIZS Thu 30-May-13 15:15:55

It is on the edge of the social housing area although a significant proportion are privately owned. I'm not sure what info you are after tbh . It is a very diverse area, economically and socially, so there is a fair amount of snobbery about the social housing area but don't think it is particularly unsafe or undesirable and there are plenty of resources available nearby. However other parts of the town may perhaps be relatively "better thought of" (Nutfield Road, London Road, Watercolour).

mhickey Wed 29-May-13 23:34:55

We are looking to rent a property in Bolsover Grove in Merstham. I have read a few links on the Internet about Merstham and avoiding Portland Drive which is a couple of streets away. Please can someone fill me in on this area as I have a one year old, my husband works mainly nights and I don't want to feel unsafe.

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