Danish family moving from USA to Surrey - Recommended areas?

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cdk178 Mon 27-May-13 22:07:06


We are family of five who plan to move to Surrey next summer after having spent 10 years in the States. Before the move to the States, we lived in Loughton, Essex for 8 years. All my children were born in London but spent only a little of their childhood in Loughton. (my oldest daughter was 5 years old when we moved).

I would like to relocate to Surrey but need some advice with schools and recommended areas to live, as I am not so familiar with South West. A friend of mine used to live in Guildford and I absolutely loved the town for its qualities and village feel, easy transportation link to London, and the beautiful surrounding countryside. But I am open to areas with similar qualities. I would like to live in a place where we are less dependent on a car and be within walking distance to local shops. Safety is very important and I would like my oldest and eventually my other children to be able to walk or use public transportation.

My children are 15/13/11 years and we will rely on good State school and possible grammar schools with no religious affiliation. Both my son (13) and daughter (11) are doing very well in school and are taking classes at advanced level but my oldest daughter is struggling a little more academically but has great artistic talent.

Neither my husband nor I will depend on commuting to London for work but would like good transportation (train/tube) link to London.

Can you recommend areas with good State schools in Surrey?

Would it be enough time to register for school if we move in July/August into our future rental house, as my children do not finish school before the end of May in USA?

I am concern about effect the move will have on my children but feel in my heart that this the right move for my family. I tried for many years without success to make USA as my base and home. However, I have missed living in UK for a very long time and I have always felt it as the right place for my family to live and to be closer to our family in Europe.

nonnative Tue 11-Jun-13 08:37:03

Sorry- posted in the wrong place blush . Didn't mean to hijack thread! Have posted elsewhere skulks off to have first coffee

rikkeloft Mon 24-Jun-13 17:23:44

Hi there, I can personally really recommend living in Guildford. It is a lovely town that offers everything including very good schools. I am also Danish and we do have a little Danish community - just celebrated Sankt Hans this weekend :-)

cdk178 Tue 25-Jun-13 03:29:33

Rikkeloft - FYI - I have just sent you a message on "message poster" for correpondence smile

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