Moving to Guildford area - where would you recommend?

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Judez99 Wed 15-May-13 17:46:33


I just posted looking for a nursery in Guildford but I am also looking for advice on areas to live! DH, DS (2.5yo) and I are looking to move to Guildford in August/Sept and we don't know the area at all. We have to be fairly close to a train station as DH needs to commute to Portsmouth and I need to be not too far from the A322 as I commute to Bracknell. We'll be renting, at least to start off with. Our budget is max. £1500 pcm so I hope that doesn't limit us too much as Guildford seems pretty expensive! We also need to be not too far from a decent nursery for DS. I've heard that around the Woodbridge Rd area is good (although could be out of our budget?) and I also saw a house I liked the look of online in Worplesdon, but apparently that would be too far out of Guildford (although it does seem cheaper!)

Any advice on affordable but decent areas would be gratefully received! We'd be looking to rent a 3-bed house...

Many thanks!

Dededum Mon 27-May-13 07:52:54

The area behind the station meets your requirements, lots of family friendly homes. Guildford Park Road upwards, agraria road, dentil road etc.. Or look in Onslow village, bit further out but again full of families because of good schools.

Not sure about nurseries in that area.

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