Nurseries in Reigate?

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Gocowlike Fri 19-Apr-13 13:33:45

Hi all, I am planning to visit busy bees and Asquith next week, but wondered if there are any particular recommendations for nurseries in Reigate?

I have a dd who will be 2.9 and a son who will be 10 months in September when I will need the places.

I really ought to be thinking ahead to schools, shouldn't I? But the whole subject terrifies the life out of me...


upandover Sat 20-Apr-13 09:05:59

Hey- there are a few other ones in Woodhatch that you should also go and look at- Shapes and Kids Unlimited. I have friends who have children at both, and who are very happy.

Also- if you were willing to travel slightly further, my DS is at Asquith in Earslwood, and he has been very happy. It's a slight trek through Reigate in the mornings (we moved but have kept my DS there). The staff are great, and he is thrived there!


Gocowlike Sun 21-Apr-13 18:53:53

Great - thanks! Will have a look once DCs in bed tonight

Sinokie Mon 22-Apr-13 16:38:09

I have some friends who have children at Asquiths and are very happy there. I looked also at both Asquiths and Busy Bees and thought I preferred Busy Bees so chose there but my DS did not settle at all. He went straight into the Pre School room and it is quite big with a lot of children - some children would be fine with this but he wasn't as I think he found the number of children a bit intimidating. May be if he had been at the nursery from a younger age moved up into the Pre School it would have been better but it was a bit overwhelming for him. I think you go with an open mind and you know if your child is happy surrounded by lots of children or prefers smaller settings. Good luck in your search.

Sinokie Mon 22-Apr-13 16:40:41

Oh and I really liked Kids Unlimited but the travel time in the morning would have been too long.. but worth checking out it that side of town is good for you.

YVRtoLHR Fri 26-Apr-13 03:27:56

I visited Asquith, Busy Bees, Shapes and Kids Unlimited. I'd rank them as follows (based on putting my baby in at 7 months - he is now 20 months):

1: Kids Unlimited. I choose to put mine in this one because: It's a bright and airy purpose built building with lots of rooms that are desined with each age group in mind. All of the ground floor rooms lead into their own little outdoor spaces (there are 3 outdoor spaces - 1 large sandbox which my little one plays in all day long if hes allowed, one padded area with a canopy & toys for babies, and a large grassy area with toys, a garden and wendy house for the slightly older ones. Babies & toddlers are on the ground floor, and there are 4 rooms but ajoin through a little gate into 2 during specific times of the day, allowing all the toddler in one and all the babies in the other - usually at the end of the day. All of the toys were new and there are lots of them, the equipment in each of the rooms was great and had a lot of variety. The staff are very friendly, and my child generally loves it there. He runs to greet he key worker and asks to be carried around. All the girls in my NCT group put their babies into KU around the same time & I also know about 6 others from the area who go there as well. KU is on a quiet side street off of a main road that can get quite busy during peak times. Also the car park is quite small, but those are really my only complaints. 2012 Ofstead rating is Outstanding. Dont know the Ofstead rating for the others I'm afraid.

2: Shapes. I liked the baby area of this one because it was quiet and there was a seperate area just for sleeping. The staff were all lovely, and they had a nice garden, although not many outdoor toys that I could see. The toddler area was a nice wide open space and again, all of the kids looked very happy and the staff were very attentive. Shapes is on a quiet side street.

3: Asquith. It's very near to the train station and the only nursery north of the high street. It's got a very small driveway to the back of the building with a tiny car park, which the outdoor space backs on to. I had high hopes for Asquith, but was left very disappointed with the baby room. There was very little colour in the rooms - lots of plain unpainted wooden toys and no artwork or colour on the walls. Just generally uninspiring. Young babies who cannot play much yet need visual stimulation. Again, I didn't notice much natural light, but perhaps it was just because the rooms were so bland. The baby rooms are also on the second floor, which I didn't like because of safety issues j case there was a fire, it would be hard to get a bunch of non walking babies out safely. I don't remember much about the toddler room. The preschool downstairs looked very nice, and the kids playing in the outdoor area looked like they were havin a lot of fun playing and running around with torches outside as it was already dark out. I can't remember if the outdoor area was grassed or not. One thing that really irritated me about Asquith is that we were bombarded with sales calls for months after asking if we would like to out our child there, even after we told them no. I've never had that from any of the others.

4: Busy Bees. It has its positives and negatives. It's a big facility that's a bit of a maze. When I went they had some temporary staff and were looking for a new manager. I found the baby rooms lacked natural light and the careers didn't really seem that attentive to the children. There was one baby just crying for his mummy during nap time which is heart breaking as a new mum looking to put her first child into nursery. They did have a neat little sensory room though. I was more impressed with the preschool area for the kids who are a bit older. They were all singing songs and looked like they were having fun. The staff seemed a bit more enthused in this room. The lack of outdoor space is a major downside for Busy Bees. The only outdoor space they have is a tiny triangle of pavement for the entire nursery to play in, so that means either all the kids of all ages outside in one space at the same time, or only one group at a time. The outdoor space doesn't have any grass (at least when I was there) and it is bordered by 2 car parks. Busy Bees is on a main road, but had its own car park that is quite large.

Hope that info helps!!!

Gocowlike Tue 30-Apr-13 10:42:20

Hi everyone
Thanks so much for the replies and the info. In the end we only went to bb and asq. Bb was so dingy in the baby rooms, made me feel sad and rather grubby! Other rooms better and staff nice.
But Asquith was lovely. Light, friendly, well organised, lovely staff, I personally really liked the baby rooms, and generally great. Plus so near train station.

And then......... Dh has decided he thinks we should move to godalming instead. Rrrraagh! think we might be back at square one... We'll see...

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