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TheSerene Mon 04-Feb-13 20:54:26

Does anyone know this school ? Want to understand The good the bad and the ugly we have moved and are making an in year application and it may have a space but confused as all other schools have waiting lists secondly saw in newsletters a sentence that just irritates me re children with sen affecting their stats but I might be reading too much into it as I'm tired
Thank you

holidaysrcoming Tue 05-Feb-13 10:28:16

Hi - you might have more replies if you post in primary ed talk section. I know people with dc at this school who say it is really friendly. It has suffered from mixed reputation in the past, more diverse (for Surrey !) intake than say Royal Kent or St Matthews which are very popular. Is it your nearest school?

Interceptor Mon 28-Apr-14 16:48:28

Barring a miracle, it looks like our Son will be going to St Andrews Cobham Primary School in 2015. We have visited the school and were impressed with the atmosphere and the passion of the Headmaster (we weren't too worried about the occasional piece of cracked plaster). But its reputation is unclear and I'd love to hear from parents and their experiences. It has a Good Ofstead, but that is from 2010.

ironsgirl Thu 29-May-14 21:28:19

Hi, my son has been at St Andrew's for nearly two years and our experience has only been positive. The grounds are wonderful - large and with a swimming pool - , the teaching is excellent (certainly for my son who has had great results thus far) and the school has recently introduced an Activity Hour which has seen him thriving even more.

The grounds are large which can be a positive and negative to some, however the Reception area is in its own secure area where the children have lots of space but are mainly away from the rest of school which was really encouraging for me when he first started.

The Activity Hour - as it says on the tin - is an hour at the end of each day (excluding Fridays) where children go into Houses and participate in a block of four-week activities - including editing the school newspaper, cooking in the cookery unit or planting in the gardening area.

My son enjoys the above as well as all other aspects of school life - he runs into school. I'm painting a very sunny picture because at the moment this is what it's like for us - and I'm only one individual with one opinion and I am mindful that like most aspects of life, there will come a time, I'm sure, when I'm not happy with something - just like in most schools. however, for the time being, I can only be extremely positive about the school.

I hope this is helpful in some way.

Rachaelm72 Thu 29-May-14 21:33:37

My son goes to St Andrews and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The teaching is top notch and the facilities excellent. The staff are always super helpful and I never have to worry.
What is interesting is local perception. I moved to the area about 8 years ago and I had heard it had a mixed reputation. After researching and researching and visiting the local primary schools it became apparent that St Andrews school (on it's own merits) is brilliant. In fact, i think it's one of the best kept secrets in the area. It tends to be that Cobham is itself a snobby area and were St Andrews to be put in any other location, with a more generalised mix of local population it would have the reputation it deserves. Don't get me wrong though - despite it's snobby-ness I do love Cobham! smile And importantly I am grateful to live in Cobham where my son can spend his childhood at the amazing school of St Andrews.

hlcooper Thu 29-May-14 23:16:32

Hi, I have 2 daughters at St Andrew's, in years 1 and 3, and I can honestly say they are both absolutely thriving, achieving brilliantly, and loving it there. They are very different girls - my eldest is very academic and embraces any challenge thrown her way, and the younger is slightly shyer but creative, imaginative and sporty. They have both been challenged academically, encouraged to work hard, but above all given the opportunity to achieve.
I have great respect for all the staff, from the Head, teachers, teaching assistants and support staff. They work incredibly hard and I believe genuinely want each child to achieve all they can.
Activity Hour has been a great addition to the school day and the children finish the day energised and happy.
Please look at the 'dashboard' statistics on the ofsted page as well as the reports. The dashboard shows last year's sats results for years 2 and 6 as well as some other statistics. You will see a dramatic improvement in results since the previous year and this is set to continue. We are also expecting an ofsted inspection this half term.
I hope you find this useful. I think it takes a while for reputation and perception to change - often lagging behind the real story.
I hope, if your child does come to St Andrew's, they will be as happy as mine are .

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