Moving to Farnham and looking for advice on primary schools & applications please!

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Poodlebug Mon 24-Sep-12 22:21:28

Hello Farnham Mums. We are hopefully moving to Farnham in the next few weeks from West London. I was wondering if any of you can give me the scoop on the primary application process, and a bit of insiders/first hand knowledge on St. Andrews and The Bourne (South Farnham). These will be our closest, and my son will go into reception next year (Sept 2013). Im getting my knickers in a twist looking on line and reading Ofsted reports. Whats the situation when you apply? are they over subscribed? Also, does anyone know anything about the ABC Kindergarten, St Cross Rd (by the park)?
Looking forward to exploring the pre-school world and getting to know some of you! Thanks.

spacehopper123 Thu 08-Nov-12 17:11:49

Hi there, I live in South Farnham. Have you been on any of the tours of the schools. The Bourne has a very tight catchment area, so your chance of getting in depends on how close you are. It is always very over-subscribed as it is part of South Farnham juniors which is the best school in England. St Andrews also used to feed in, but they changed the rules last year and have just changed them back again so if your DS went to St Andrews he would probably get into SF (not 100% sure as it seems quite complicated). St Andrews is in the town centre and if you live in SF you need to cross the crossroads to walk to it. Also worth noting it doesnt have much outside space. Still I like it and it seems nice. My daughter will be in reception next year too so we are just doing the same thing you are!

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