Raleigh / St Lawrence / St Matthews?

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surreyconfusedmummy Wed 12-Sep-12 19:41:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

surreyhousefrau Wed 12-Sep-12 23:17:11

If you are intending on staying to Yr6, personally I wouldn't take the chance of getting a space in Year 3 at the Raleigh. You just never know, some years children from Effingham have got in, yet in others there are children living practically opposite who have failed. There was some discussion about St Matthews extending to 11, not sure where they are with that. Not sure if St Matthews is oversubscribed school and if so you might need to get a 'church' place as you prob wouldn't get one on distance.

Good luck - they are all good schools, and despite local perception that St Lawrence is often not a 'first choice' school, I know some happy parents. Go and see what you think.

Also you might find you get more replies if you stick this in 'primary ed' talk!

Banter Mon 17-Sep-12 07:50:01

OP lives in East Horsley but doesn't say whether her child is already at school. If s/he is not, then apply through the normal process. The deadline for reception 2013 is in January 2013 and so she would get a place at the Raleigh as it is her closest school. She would almost certainly get a place at St Matthews and St Lawrence as well if she ranked those higher.

Don't make your decision for infants based on the junior choices; getting a good start in school is far more important. Please go to see the schools and decide which you think your child will settle into easily and enjoy the most.

If you decide on St Matthews, please remember that as well as house moves, families also withdraw their children after infants to go into the independent sector - which happens a lot in this area. Surrey measures distance by straight line so if you live in East Horsley rather than West, you are likely to be very close to both The Raleigh and St Lawrence. There will be a junior place for your child when the time comes to move on.

Good luck.

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