Going back to work - need childcare recommendations urgently! WEST BYFLEET/NEW HAW (KT15)

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Butterfly81 Mon 10-Sep-12 18:25:25

Hi everyone,

Have finally been able to sign up to mumsnet as my phone wouldn't let me have access! Going back to work in a month though I have been in denial - the date just got confirmed last week. Also at the same time, potential childcare arrangements have changed - my OH usually works from home but is working at his client's office til end of November. I live with my inlaws but MIL is not very well, so her looking after my LG full time is not feasible. So am looking somewhere where I will be able to leave my LO for around 3 days a week (half days maybe). I have enquired a few places, Little Cherubs near West Byfleet station has spaces but don't know anyone that is familiar with it. My local mum crew are sending their bambinos to Woking Day Nursery in Weybridge but that wouldn't work for me distance wise in the mornings etc. Also have looked at Cherrybrook (but someone I know hasn't had very good experience with it though the place has good reports) and also Cherrylands (again distance is a problem in the mornings)Am willing to look at private childcare at home too...but again need recommendations!

Will be utterly butterly grateful for any advice!

AngelNanny Tue 11-Sep-12 17:22:09

Hi there, I definitely would not recommend little cherubs in west byfleet.

I may be able to help you out short term if you need. I am a qualified and experienced child carer, with my own child.

PurpleAndPoppyWearer Wed 12-Sep-12 21:48:53

Cherry Brook is fab.

PurpleAndPoppyWearer Wed 12-Sep-12 21:49:41

PM me if you want details.

CarGirl Wed 12-Sep-12 21:50:22

Doodles in keston avenue, New Haw

Butterfly81 Fri 14-Sep-12 09:56:32

Hi Angelnanny, why would you not recommend Little Cherubs? And where are you based. Feeling very anxious about it all.

Butterfly81 Fri 14-Sep-12 10:03:02

Thanks PurpleandPoppywearer, will PM you asking more details of your experience with them. I am alright til LO turns 2, I want to send her to a nursery in Heathervale Road.

Butterfly81 Fri 14-Sep-12 10:04:09

I meant I need advice about where to out her til she is 2, the other nursery can take her when she is 2.

Butterfly81 Fri 14-Sep-12 10:04:52

Thanks Cargirl, have not looked into that one yet smile

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