Areas in/near Guildford for a decent detached house at a fair price

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StunningCunt Sun 05-Aug-12 13:20:48

Any suggestions within say 2 or 3 miles of Guildford where you can get a large detached house for around £700k??? Not sure if there any bargain areas, I suspect not though?

RandomMess Sun 05-Aug-12 13:21:53

What about heading out towards Woking?

StunningCunt Sun 05-Aug-12 13:39:54

Have looked at Woking town centre and it's super dull tbh, Guildford is much more happening, would prefer to be able to ride in there.

Is it cheaper to live just outside Woking (which is closer to London) than somewhere south of Guildford, say?

RandomMess Sun 05-Aug-12 13:49:54

Sorry I don't know but I was thinking of the borders between Woking and Guildford, near Worplesdon station that sort of area?

hf128219 Sun 05-Aug-12 21:30:45

What do you mean by 'large'? How many bedrooms, how big a garden etc?

StunningCunt Sun 05-Aug-12 21:39:36

Well I was thinking something around 1800 sqft (excluding garage). A 20x20 living room, dining room, 4 bedrooms, large kitchen. Something along those lines.

I'm not too fussy about the garden size but not a shoebox new build with a 10-foot back garden.

hf128219 Sun 05-Aug-12 21:47:34

Woking is fine. Much better commuting times to London - if you are doing that. Only 23 minutes to Waterloo - about 7 trains an hour during rush hour.

Great theatre and leisure facilities.

cece Sun 05-Aug-12 21:50:16

I live in Woking. It's nice. Don't be put off by the town centre...

cece Sun 05-Aug-12 21:59:11


under budget

light and airy

lovely kitchen

Also worth looking in Hook Heat area which is very nice bit of Woking and on the |Guildford side.

cece Sun 05-Aug-12 21:59:28

Hook Heath.

cece Sun 05-Aug-12 22:13:01

Pyrford also lovely.

StunningCunt Sun 05-Aug-12 22:16:38

So nothing in Guildford?

Notnigella33 Sun 05-Aug-12 22:18:21

Burpham or Merrow?

hf128219 Sun 05-Aug-12 22:18:36

Are you going to work in Guildford then?

StunningCunt Sun 05-Aug-12 22:27:48

Hmm, this is kind of hideous: But quite a lot of house.

This one is nicer but smaller:

Not overwhelmingly inspiring for the cash tbh

hf128219 Sun 05-Aug-12 22:31:11

That's the problem round here - if you want a perfect house you need about £1.2!

Do you need to be near a station?

surreyhousefrau Sun 05-Aug-12 22:32:27

Shalford/Bramley ?? personally prefer to burpham unless you are aiming at a particular school.

ogredownstairs Sun 05-Aug-12 22:53:10

The one in Horsell is amazing. Quite tempted to tell DH we must move to somewhere I have never heard of, at once!

StunningCunt Sun 05-Aug-12 22:56:47

Don't need to be near a station. Have been renting for 10 years due to being uninspired by what you get for 3/4 of a million quid. Perhaps we should emigrate.

Was cycling through Dockenfield the other day, it's lovely, lots more house for the cash too. In the middle of nowhere though.

purplewithred Wed 08-Aug-12 20:09:06

Godalming great house needs a bigger kitchen, good location
more godalming, not as special but cheaper
Normandy, big, needs more bathrooms but in your budget

Issy Tue 21-Aug-12 12:38:59

A couple of our friends have moved recently and have had to balance price, distance to schools, accessibility of a town/London, size of house and garden. One family has moved to Horsley - great links to Guildford and so to London, shops, tennis club, cafe, take-aways etc. within easy walking distance and good access to schools but small house that needs work. The other family has moved to Dockenfield to a fabulous house and garden but impossible to go anywhere or do anything without getting into a car.

It's a difficult choice. However, we live near central Guildford and seeing how important it is to DD1 (just about to go into Year 7) to have the independence to walk into Guildford with her friends for solo shopping trips or go a few stops on the train or walk alone to local friends, I think I would tend towards a smaller house with good access to a town.

lifeafterlondon Fri 31-Aug-12 09:07:35

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