Recommendations for babysitters in Godalming area

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maybeyoushoulddrive Thu 12-Jul-12 19:58:30

Looking for help!

We don't go out much without dd (8) as we don't have babysitters. We don't have any family locally and dd is terrified of being babysat sad I'm thinking maybe a teenage girl or Mummy type who would be happy to meet her first would be best, but I don't know how to go about finding someone. Do you have a fantastic babysitter you could recommend??

Thank you!

Notnigella33 Thu 12-Jul-12 20:46:48

I shall read the replies with interest maybeishoulddrive!
I have found that most people dont share their babysitters as then they will get too busy and not be able to sit for them!
I know of people who use agencies and many who use people from their children's nurseries (ours are younger)
Do you have a friend you could do swapsies with? Or any mums at school in a similar situation who would be interested isetting up a babysitting circle?
Good luck!

Notnigella33 Thu 12-Jul-12 20:47:24

Oops I have changed toyr username! Youshoulddrive is much better! ;)

maybeyoushoulddrive Thu 12-Jul-12 23:16:09

Thank you for answering Notnigella33!

I have suggested swapping with friends but they all seem to have family to babysit for them envy I am beginning to think an agency might be the way to go, although then it's harder to get the same babysitter and build up a relationship IYSWIM?

I know I would find it easier to ask for babysitting in a formal situation - paying a professional - I struggle to ask friends for favours TBH.

Will keep looking!

Notnigella33 Fri 13-Jul-12 13:19:47

I dotknow what the rules are with agencies, but if you find someone you like can you not request them or even then organise privately?
Do you have any neighbours with older kids? I am always stalking our neighbours for any with older teens who I mit be able to train up! The advantage being that you dont have to drive them home, and their parents are lukely to be just around the corner if they need anything.

maybeyoushoulddrive Fri 13-Jul-12 17:05:50

I think a teenager neighbour would be ideal, but I have yet to find any alas!

Iwasagnome Tue 17-Jul-12 14:59:12

I`ll do it----or can offer son or daughter in their 20s--please pm me-am older Mum and a teacher.

No1JAGfan Sun 14-Oct-12 18:21:44

I have done lots of babysitting in the Shere/Albury/Peaslake areas but due to having my second child had to stop. I am now in a position to offer my services again. I have checkable references, an uptodate CRB and strong experience with younger and older children. Very reasonable rates and I'm happy to drive to Godalming. If you would like more details, please drop me a message.

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