Guildford/Godalming - Child friendly pub?

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christmasmum Mon 25-Jun-12 11:02:34


I hope someone who lives in or near Guildford can help me! I have a random day travelling and have to get between visiting relatives in Guildford until 5pm and Portsmouth to go on the night boat to France which doesn't leave until 22:45. I therefore have about 5 hours to kill on the one hour journey! I was hoping to give the kids tea in Guildford/Godalming area and tire them out so they'll sleep on the way down but I can't find any family type pubs with a play area or soft play on the internet - does anyone know of anything in the area?!


TheMoreItSnows Mon 25-Jun-12 11:17:57

Don't know Guildford that well, we're further down the A3, but there is a good softplay place at Horndean (just before Portsmouth on the A3) here if that helps? Also a nice park in Clanfield - just north a bit - Peel Park with easy parking, climbing frames/zip wires etc if the weather was nice.
Other than that Seven Stars at Stroud (2 mins off the A3) is child friendly, with a small playground outside.... here

christmasmum Mon 25-Jun-12 12:39:15

Ooh, thank you, that Stroud one looks lovely!

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