Farnham Hairdresser advice please

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Cat76 Wed 01-Aug-12 14:05:27

Sarah Jamieson, one of the lead stylists at RubyMane (in the Lion and Lamb yard) is amazing. She's been doing my hair for years (at Ash, as a mobile hairdresser and now at Ruby Mane) and I wouldn't go to anyone else!

twogirlsmum Thu 31-May-12 12:33:12

The best person I have found in Farnham is Hannah Radford at Radford & Reilly, 1st floor, Stepping Stones, Cambridge House. Tel 07843024182 - leave her a message and she will call you back. I'm sure she'd do a free consultation to advise on colour on cut.
I have also used Images, in Castle Street. They are significantly more expensive, but no better than Hannah.

magicalmollie Thu 31-May-12 08:33:59

Can anyone suggest a really great hairdresser in Farnham? I need someone who is extremely knowledgeable and can tell me what colour I need to be to compliment my skintone and what haircut will look best on me. I don't mind paying for someone really fantastic. I am so bored of going to places where they have no idea what suits you, and shelling out money for nothing speical. I did go to 'The Retreat' a few years ago and they completely ruined my hair for £60 so not there please. Has anyone heard of 'nineteen', as that looks interesting. Thank you for any advice. xxx

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