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Are you a Stay At Home Mum that would like to start a business with me?

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WhiteRose76 Sun 27-Jan-13 22:25:56

Hi Emily
I would be interests to know more about what this entails.
I was married 3yrs ago and planned the wedding alone, it was great and turned out superb.
Many Thanks

Emily271 Sun 15-Apr-12 19:24:39

I'm trying to find a stay at home mum in the Woking area that would like to run a business from home with me. The business is wedding orientated so if you have any experience in this sector that would be an advantage, but not essential. I have financial investment secured (however if you would like a bigger stake in the business you are welcome to invest financially too).

If you would like more information please message me, and if you could give me a bit of info about yourself that'd be great. Look forward to hearing from you.

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