Catchment Areas for Reigate Primary Schools

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LisaClapham Thu 16-Feb-12 12:41:14

We are moving from London to Reigate this year and I am trying to ensure that the house we buy is in the catchment for both Holmesdale Infant and Priory Junior schools. Both my dcs are pre school age (3 and 1).
Estate agents assure me that houses we look at are in catchment but I wondered if there is a way of checking that you are sure to get a place. I know that areas change year on year due to demand, sibling places etc, but want to put us in as good a position as possible as we cannot afford to privately educate them. Does anyone have any advice please. Is there a website I can look at, do I phone the school, the LEA? Many thanks

LIZS Thu 16-Feb-12 16:33:30

You can't be sure to get a place from one year to next, catchments don't exist as such, distance is one criteria. LA publishes how far the last admitted child in 2011 lived but demand outstrips supply and you could easily be offered another school in a different area from the same street.

LisaClapham Thu 16-Feb-12 21:08:10

Thanks LIZS I suppose I am trying to maximise my chances of a place so being as close as possible to the schools is going to give me the best chance. Have managed to get the distance figures for last year so that gives me some idea.
Fingers crossed it is then hmm

AnotherSurreyMum Thu 16-Feb-12 21:39:41

Everything LIZS says is right - there is no 'catchment' as such and we know families who got a child in one year, but not the next!

Having said that, we are in an area where everyone seems to have got into both OK. Probably best to keep 'West' and not too close to Wray Common!

Have you thought what you will do for secondary - the options aren't that great after junior!

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