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CathEliz Sun 01-Jan-12 20:52:10

Hope I am in the right place for Dorking mums to see this! We are thinking of moving from London to Dorking and have a few of questions.

Q1. How easy is it to get a seat on the 7.15am-ish train from Dorking to Waterloo during the week? My DH will be doing the commute and hopes to sit and work on the train...

Q2. We are moving from the environs of Heathrow to escape the flight path. But do the planes to and from Gatwick fly over Dorking???!!

Q3. How do you rate North Downs primary school?

Any thoughts and advice much appreciated!

ThePetiteMummy Sun 01-Jan-12 22:00:06

Hi Cath!

I live in Leatherhead, but used to live in Dorking, so have commuted from both stations (same train line). I usually catch a train around 7am to Victoria, and always get a seat, and the Waterloo ones always have seats too, so it's a great place to commute from. Also relatively cheap fares compared to other areas a similar distance from London.

Regarding planes, we never noticed noise from Gatwick planes when we lived in Dorking, I think it's far enough from Gatwick that the planes are quite high by the time they're over this area

I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the school you mention, as my dd is only little still!

Good luck with the move if you go for it!

CathEliz Mon 02-Jan-12 19:37:30

Thanks so much - that is really helpful. We visited Dorking again today and really liked it.

jojobee Fri 06-Jan-12 16:05:16

1. Getting a seat on a train not a problem as the Waterloo trains start at Dorking.
2. Gatwick flight path more obvious south of dorking but the planes are high up even at this stage. The take offs and landings are east/west or west/east and Dorking is several miles north- if you live in the area around Dorking station to the north of the town you would definitely not have any gatwick flights overhead. One of the four Heathrow holding stacks goes over Dorking but the planes are still high up and you never really hear them.
3. North Downs has traditionally been very popular with people living in Brockham village - Head has recently changed so not sure what it is like currently. Most people living in Dorking opt for the Dorking schools. Probably best to decide whether you prefer village or town life.

DanFmDorking Fri 06-Jan-12 18:01:56

There is nothing wrong with Dorking. Although if you choose a property to the North of the town make sure it's not built of Lego.

zakwoof Sun 15-Jan-12 14:26:43

Hi I have lived in dorking for about 8 years now and i love it! We live near South St and we don't get any plane noise at all. Our friends who live in South Terris area (the bit nr st Pauls) sometimes get a littel bit of noise but not enough to stop a conversation. All of the local schools seem to get good reviews although i'm yet to send my girls! Hope this helps.

Grassy08 Sat 18-Jan-14 17:07:10

I'm thinking of making the move to Dorking from London but having been diagnosed I with epilepsy a few years ago I'm worried that this will be a problem as I can no longer drive. I've also got two little ones and so will need to get to schools and activities. Can anyone advise me about the difficulties I might face with this condition?

Sixweekstowait Mon 20-Jan-14 18:06:49

Lots of housing in town centre so walking distance of schools, shops, churches, two GP practices, sports centre, dorking halls for cinema, shows. I live right in the centre and love it - dd did too.

EmmaSmith13 Tue 28-Jan-14 20:05:18

Hi, I've lived in Dorking now for @6 years, don't drive either and haven't found it a problem at all with my daughter ( she is now 4.5. There are loads of activities within the town for kids, more than any family could humanly fit in and a wide variety ( everything from soft play, and music groups to toddler groups, gymnastics, swimming, dance, football, rugby and martial arts) . Most of the schools are walkable and if you want to go further afield the bus services are great during the day (I frequently get bus with my daughter and have done since she was born to Leatherhead, reigate, bocketts farm, chessington etc) and there is a great train service for accessing further afield epsom, London, Brighton etc. if you moved to one of the villages it might be a bit harder but if you aim to live in dorking itself you shouldn't have any problems.

Grassy08 Tue 04-Feb-14 10:35:28

Emma and Bourdic, thank you so much for your replies. I'm so relieved as getting around town was my major worry about moving. We've been thinking of making the move to Dorking for quite some time, and your responses have really help. Thanks again to both of you.

Sixweekstowait Tue 04-Feb-14 14:52:41

If you want any more help or info, do get in touch - you could always pm me. I've lived here over 30 years and dd with a 3 yr old and a bump lives in a nearby village so I'm in the loop about services/ facilities/ activities for little ones. Good luck with the move

EmmaSmith13 Tue 04-Feb-14 23:20:49

No worries, if there is anything specific you are interested in just shout x

Grassy08 Tue 04-Feb-14 23:28:51

I'm sure there will be lots of questions over the next few months. The first step now is contacting agents and looking at properties. Quite exciting!

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