Did you know 1 in 5 bags of food shopping gets thrown away?

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Surreywaste11 Tue 25-Oct-11 12:41:16

1 in 5 bags of food shopping gets thrown away. That's not good for your pocket or the planet.
As food prices continue to rise around the world, it's a sobering thought to know that many families waste up to £50 a month throwing away uneaten food.
However we also know that cutting down on food waste can be a challenge, especially when you're pushed for time and your kids don't always want to eat what you've cooked for them. So to help you waste less, Surrey County Council's Love Food Surrey campaign, provides
helpful tips on how to plan your meals, perfect the right portions, store correctly and use up leftovers.
Taking just one small step to reduce food waste can have a big positive effect on the environment and save you money too. We hope our tips will inspire you to take that step - visit www.lovefoodsurrey.com to see what tips we have.
What are your top tips for reducing your food waste?

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